Bounce Fitness Youth Programs have classes throughout Doha, Qatar, for the ultimate convenience on a parent’s busy schedule. Our highly-qualified instructors pass a rigorous selection processes and background checks. Unlike many other youth programs, each professional is also specially qualified to work with children ranging in age from one to eighteen.

With the Bounce Fitness dedication to excellence, we have established what clients consider the most convenient, safest option for their children.

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This class will teach children basic gymnastics skills. They’ll explore different equipment while increasing flexibility and coordination to improve their self-esteem.


Ballet is a very unique style of dance that teaches kids much more than how to dance. It is a wonderful way to improve flexibility, gain strength and learn to stand and walk with grace and poise.

Youth Classes

These classes are designed for children 3 to 12 years of age. Each class incorporates activities and
movements that are age appropriate and most importantly, fun!

*Prices, timing and type of classes may vary by location.

martial arts

This empowering cardio workout will leave children energized. They will punch, kick and kata their way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

Hip-Hop Class

We created a dance workshop in a fun and friendly atmosphere committed to develop a young generation of talented freestylers artist. 


Children dive into swimming and learn fast with our personalized swimming lessons. We also offer small classes to teach kids the basics in a group setting.

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Did You Know that Physical Activity Improves Academic Performance?

When children stay active, they’re building more than just physical health. Regular activity can improve academic performance by enhancing concentration, memory and behavior in a school environment. This means a more successful adult life and better education options!

Children of all ages who participate in regular physical fitness classes score higher on tests in math and reading when compared to those who do not meet standard activity guidelines. Furthermore, studies have found positive relationships between aerobic fitness and learning ability in youth.

Safe Exercises for Adolescents

At Bounce Fitness, we offer only the best, safest forms of exercise for children in our youth programs. This allows you to rest easy, knowing that your child will receive similar benefits in strength, flexibility, coordination and self-image no matter what classes he or she wants to take.

Our offerings include:

  • Gymnastics

Fun Fact: Bounce Fitness has a competitive, traveling gymnastics team!

  • Swimming
  • Ballet
  • Tennis
  • Zumba
  • Bootcamp
  • Martial Arts
  • Basketball
  • Soccer and Football

We recommend selecting classes like swimming and martial arts to teach your children life skills while letting them enjoy classes like Gymnasticsor Zumba for fun.

Reduced Risk of Disease

What better gift could a parent give a child than a healthy adult life? Children who participate in youth activity programs have a reduced risk of depression, anxiety, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.

In contrast, an inactive child is at an increased risk of developing physical and mental issues at an early age.

Happier Home Life

Children who exhibit behavioral problems in their home life are often expressing a subconscious need for physical activity and fun socialization. Signing your child up for a Bounce Fitness youth exercise program can help resolve issues that cause friction at home and even in school.

The Bottom Line

At Bounce Fitness, we respect your busy schedule and your love for your child. That’s why we offer classes throughout Doha with the best trainers in the area. Every time you drop your little one off for a class, you can rest assured knowing that he or she will have fun, stay safe and build the foundations for a healthy life.

Select a Bounce Fitness Youth Program to get started and your child will thank you later!

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