Bounce Fitness group fitness classes are held throughout Doha, Qatar, with the highest-quality trainers in the area. Not only do we feature several locations to choose from for convenience, we offer a wide selection of group classes to cater to everyone’s wants and needs.

By offering classes including Pilates, spinning, Zumba, martial arts, yoga and bootcamp, we ensure that everyone has something to get excited about, which is key to transforming your body once and for all. Furthermore, group fitness class participants who have access to a wide variety generally lose more weight, stay committed longer and feel happier after each session!

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The membership packages give you FULL ACCESS to a variety of different classes. HIIT, Yoga, Zumba, Pound™, Pilates STRONG by Zumba*.

*Prices, Timing and type of classes may vary by location.


Keep your body guessing with this challenge workout that changes up every class. They’re designed to improve your overall fitness through strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, and endurance.

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Wondering why group fitness classes are so effective? We’ve outlined the primary reasons below:


The hardest part of any fitness routine is showing up. With Bounce Fitness group classes, membersfind it easier to stay enthused about their workouts. Planning ahead of time by scheduling classes also makes your workout sessions more of a commitment and easier to work around.

Plus, it’s not just your trainer who will help hold you accountable, but your classmates too!


Speaking of classmates, attending a fitness class is an excellent way to socialize, which is linked with longer life and lowered disease risk. Bounce Fitness participants also report that befriending classmates helps them feel more accountable and motivated to give every workout their all, too.

Adults typically find it difficult to make new friends, but many of the strongest friendships formed in adulthood begin in a group workout class.

Try New Things

Why do you quit fitness routines? Most people that talk to our Bounce Fitness trainers say it’s a combination of lack of motivation and boredom. With multiple options to choose from, you can stay on track by changing up your routine and trying something new every week, if you want to.

Other members prefer to stick with a class until they see themselves getting bored and then change it up with something new. Whatever works for you, one thing is clear: In fitness, variety really is the spice of life!


Bounce Fitness class instructors are some of the best trained fitness professionals in Doha, Qatar. Unlike other workout classes, where the teachers often ignore the members, you’ll get personalized guidance with all of our trainers. They’ll help lead you through an injury-free, effective workout every time, offering advice as needed to correct your form.


Bounce Fitness instructors have heard countless stories about members who stop making progress with their workout routines. Often, this is caused by a lack of structure. Our instructors are trained to design class structures that help you continue seeing results and avoid the dreaded weight loss plateau.

By combining classes designed to progress naturally and help members reach their fitness goals with scheduled training, we’ve found one of the most effective group class approaches. Our structures are among the most effective ways to help members lose weight and get toned for life.

If you’re ready to get in the best shape of your life (and you want to stick with it this time) pick a program below to get started!

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